Media appearances

Dr. Corine de Ruiter contributes to national news media by offering her expert opinion on forensic psychological topics to inform the general public. Below is a selection of appearances on Dutch television and radio programs.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Corine de Ruiter

De Kennis van Nu 9 maart 2014

Coen Verbraak interviewt Corine de Ruiter. Ze strijdt voor meer 'evidence based' methoden in de forensische psychologie. De inschatting van de kans dat een moordenaar in herhaling valt, en de beslissing om al dan niet TBS toe te kennen, mag geen nattevingerwerk zijn.

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Marathoninterview VPRO 28 december 2012

Hans Simonse interviewt Corine de Ruiter 3 uur lang over haar drijfveren, haar onderzoek en haar gesprekken met verdachten van ernstige misdrijven.

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Nieuwsuur 4 mei 2012

Two 19-year old men killed jeweller Stratmann in his store in The Hague last week and both have been arrested. The young men had been supervised by child protection and child welfare organizations since they were 14 years old. In the daily news show 'Nieuwsuur', the director of child welfare calls for legal reform. In the studio, Corine de Ruiter responds by pointing at structural weaknesses in the Dutch child protection system and the need for specialized training in risk assessment and risk management by professionals who work with youth in conflict with the law.

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PREMtime 15 September 2011

Corine de Ruiter was again a guest in the daily radio program of Prem Radhakishun. The topic was the near-monopolist position of the Dutch Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (NIFP) as preferred provider of forensic mental health evaluations to the court. Since the government is stimulating more competition in general mental health care, the question arises whether this could also help against waiting lists in the forensic sector and increase quality levels.

PREMtime 15 September 2011

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PREMtime 6 July 2011

PREMtime, a daily radio show, was at Maastricht University today. The Forensic Psychology Research Section had organized a symposium where the latest findings from the field of forensic psychology were presented: ‘Forensic Psychology Update’. One of the speakers was Prof. Scott Lilienfeld from Emory University, Atlanta. He held a talk about the ‘successful psychopath’. Most people think all psychopaths are evil, murderous and highly dangerous individuals. But is this really true? Professor de Ruiter explains and talks about some of the latest research on psychopaths.

PREMtime 6 July 2011

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BreinGeheim 10 May 2011

Public broadcasting company Max developed a series of 6 specials on 'Brain Secrets'. Dr. de Ruiter comments on the relationship between brain development in adolescence and increased susceptibility to risk taking and antisocial behavior. She also points at the necessity of psychological treatment for young offenders, instead of mere punitive sanctions.

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Pauw & Witteman, 13 April 2011

On Saturday April 9th, 24-year old Tristan van der V. killed 6 persons in a shopping mall in the town of Alphen aan den Rijn, using three firearms he owned, and subsequently killed himself. This is the first mass murder-suicide with weapons in The Netherlands. Tristan had serious mental health problems and was a member of a shooting association. In the late night talk show 'Pauw & Witteman', Dr. Corine de Ruiter explains what is known about the psychological profile of these suicidal mass murderers and enters a debate with Mr. Sander Duisterhof from the Dutch National Shooters Association about the need to improve gun control.

Knevel & van den Brink, 6 August 2010

Dr. De Ruiter is a guest in this late night talkshow to provide insight into the offense and the offender of neonaticide, the killing of a baby by its mother within the first 24 hours after birth. In the village of Nij Beets in the Dutch province of Friesland, the police found 4 dead babies hidden in suitcases in the attic of the suspect’s home. The suspect, a 25-year old dental assistant, was still living with her parents, and did not seem happy when pregnant. In the TV show, Dr. de Ruiter discusses some research findings on neonaticide cases in general, which concur to a large extent with the information that has been released on the present case.

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Nova, 8 March 2010

Corine de Ruiter provides her expert opinion on a tragic murder case of a father who killed two of his three children and subsequently committed suicide. The mother had been extremely worried that he would kill her and the children for quite some time and expressed her concerns towards authorities and a local journalist, who is also on the program. Dr. de Ruiter contends that the information that was available on the perpetrator, who had already been convicted previously for domestic violence, made him a high risk for lethal violence. Use of a structured risk assessment instrument such as the B-SAFER would have assisted in acknowledging the level of risk and in taking appropriate actions, such as preventive civil commitment.

Dit is de Dag, radio 1, 16 February 2010

Corine de Ruiter contends that perpetrators of homicide against family members (partner, children) will not benefit from a mere prison sentence. Many of them suffer from mental disorders and the statistical risk of recidivism in these cases is extremely low. ‘We should consider them more as patients’, said De Ruiter on Tuesday morning in the Radio-1 program ‘This is the Day’ (In Dutch: Dit Is De Dag)

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Hart & Ziel, 26 February 2009

The tv program Hart & Ziel ("Heart and Soul") focuses attention on human behaviour. In this edition, lying is the main topic. First, a woman who was lying excessively describes her behaviour. Subsequently, Dr. de Ruiter offers insights from developmental and forensic psychology to elucidate the causes of normal and pathological lying behaviour. Lie detection is also briefly discussed, and a victim of a pathological lying details her experiences.

Pauw en Witteman, 11 March 2009

At Albertville high school In Winnenden in southern Germany, 17-year old Tim Kretschmer killed 15 people on March 11, 2009, and subsequently committed suicide. In the daily late night talkshow ‘Pauw and Witteman’ Dr. de Ruiter explains what is known about the psychology of school killers and what could be done to help prevent this type of tragedy.

Het Elfde Uur, 27 January 2009

In this Dutch talkshow, Andries Knevel questions Corine de Ruiter on the type of mental disorder that could lead a person to kill infants, as happened recently in the Belgian town of Dendermonde. She also talks about the role that violent videogames can play in this type of incident.

De Toekomst is nu, 25 April 2008

In this TV-series, innovative developments and new trends are discussed. One of these trends is the question of early identification of children who are at high risk to become criminal offenders.

NOVA, 19 December 2007

The case of a (probable) serial firesetter in the Northern province of Groningen is discussed, on the occasion of the arrest of a suspect. What are psychological motives for firesetting, and how should this type of offender be treated, are some of the questions posed to Dr. de Ruiter.

Netwerk, 12 November 2007, The offender profile of Pekka Auvinen

Pekka Auvinen, an 18-year old student from a small city in Finland, shot 8 fellow-students and subsequently killed himself. The profile of the typical school killer is discussed in this report and the question how to prevent these types of events discussed.

L1 Laat, 28 September 2007

On the occasion of her inaugural lecture at Maastricht University on September 28, 2007, Dr. de Ruiter is interviewed by Jan de Koning of the regional TV program L1 Late. Among the topics covered is her statement that a high percentage of prisoners suffer from mental health problems that need treatment instead of mere incarceration.

Goedemorgen Nederland, 6 February 2007

In this early morning news and media show, Dr. de Ruiter is interviewed about behavior problems in young children, and how Parent Management Training can offer help to parents so they regain control over their children and start enjoying them once more.